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     Phillip K. Steiner, O.D.


For over thirty years I have been living my dream of being an Optometrist.  During this time, my passion and enthusiasm for the profession has not diminished.  Serving my patients through the years has given me tremendous satisfaction and added purpose to my life.  Correcting and helping to preserve the vision of my patients is an ongoing and complicated task, one that keeps me motivated to stay on top of the latest advances in technology and health.  

I believe that to maintain optimal ocular health, one must focus on their general health.  To that end, I try to impart the latest health related information tailored to my patients' individual needs.

In the course of practicing in Northern Virginia, I have found that my patient base is very diverse.  I see patients from all walks of life, and I find we have more things in common than one would think.  For the past nineteen years I have headed up the Opthalmic section of the Medical Mission of Mercy USA (  Our charge has been to render free medical care to the people in need in the Philippines.  To learn more about this non-profit group, check out:

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